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Partisan Politics

See what you will in this image. Taken with my XSi.

Having spent some time experimenting with the Presidential Election and my Canon, I created a Flickr set to share the results. Take a look and let me know what you see.

I specifically selected and sequenced these images to be an accurate representation of the 2008 Presidential Election process, and not show a bias towards any side. I find it interesting that the abstraction gained through the television, with just the right perspective, can give you a completely different feeling of a person, an image, or a process in general.

Objectivity is so often unused in politics. Personally, I have been glued to this race, as I am sure many others have, and I cannot help but get emotionally tied to the words being used, the images displayed, and the ramifications for my life. The pageantry of it doesn’t hurt either. I wonder, though, how often people vote rationally, rather than being swayed by cheap pulls of emotion. If you were to pull yourself out of the sound bytes, and out of your particular circumstances, would you still vote the same way?

Once you have pared the issues down to ideals, is there one party that represents all with which you agree?

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Heather — Thursday, October 23, 2008 1:16 am

Hey Nathan, I particularly liked #8 — it has a striking combination of image and text with Obama’s face and the words seeming to emanate from his mouth, all in that distinctive TV-screen distortion. I think a lot of the images would lend themselves to applications in combination with other elements, too, as they are very charged images but they also have a lot of ambiguity and thus room to play.