Do we need to write markup?

a post on Critical Thinking

Nathan Ford – Do we need to write markup? from Fronteers on Vimeo.

10/12/2014 · Penarth, Wales · I’d always heard great things about Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam. In early October, I finally got to go. Not only that, but the lovely Fronteers team was kind enough to let me get on stage and ask what some may think a stupid question.

I love asking stupid questions – on Twitter or anywhere, really. Naiveté can give new perspectives on old problems by opening up conversations to honest reactions, and to thoughts from people new to our industry. By asking whether we should be writing HTML, it’s my hope that we can free up our all-too-precious time to focus on the features that really need brain power: accessibility, semantics, optimization, saner class structures, and whatever new best practices are discovered in the future.

My experience both attending and speaking at Fronteers was top-notch. A big thanks to Charis Rooda, Flurin Egger, Michael Hastrich, Martijn van Duuren, and all the other great people I met there. I will definitely look to attend again, even if they don’t want my silly questions on stage.

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