Responsive Images Mega-List

a post on Development

30/09/2013 · Penarth, Wales · Responsive/Adaptive images have been an ongoing concern of mine (and yours, I am sure). As fascinating as this issue is, I haven’t always had the time to keep up with the latest, or recall all of the previous attempts at taming this beast, so I have created this mega-list (an aspirational title at this point) to try to collect all things concerning images and how we serve them.

Please Help!

This table is a public Google Spreadsheet, run through Sheetsee.js, and meant to be updated as much as possible. Feel free to contribute; just please keep it tidy and useful (and let me know if you want to change the headers).

What we have thus far…

This is just a quick reference, in no particular order. View the entire spreadsheet to see method descriptions, approximate client-side download sizes, and more.

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