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WorldSkills London

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WorldSkills London 2011 site

WorldSkills is basically the Olympics for job skills, and in 2011 it was hosted by London… along with an international crowd of 200,000 young professionals, students, and job seekers. This was the first project I lead at Mark Boulton Design, and the demands were challenging from the start. They needed a site to match very specific branding and environmental design – which was already underway – and the site would need to be optimized for a variety of experiences, whether it be on a desktop or on a mobile at the event. The end result turned out to be a success all around.


showcasing Identity, Design, Development

Bibliodisco site

Yes, @bibliodisco is my wife, but that doesn’t mean I can’t objectively say that her book reviews kick ass. Written so schmoes like me can appreciate the classics, I really enjoyed her quick and insightful posts. So, I built her a site that reflected her style and love of reading. The challenges I gave myself were to be bookish but not stuffy, and work with a mostly symmetrical layout (for some reason my wife always makes me think of symmetry… huh).


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IOFM site

The Institute of Finance and Management is a great online resource for accountants, business managers, and most types of corporate leadership. Their information helps people save time and money, and while I worked at Unit Interactive, I helped them organize this info in a way that was both easy to find and adequately portrayed the value of their service. This project also afforded me the opportunity to work with the super-geniuses at Vector Media Group once again.


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The Shirt.Woot Reckoning

Along with the rest of the Unit Interactive crew, I worked closely with Woot! for almost three years. In that time we saw them explode into one of the largest online retailers. Of my work with them, Shirt.Woot’s Reckoning – a live ranking of current shirt designs by sales – is probably the most notable.

John DeGroote

showcasing Identity, Design, Development

John DeGroote site

John DeGroote opened up his own practice after years of working his way up the established ranks of the law industry. Focusing on mitigation and negotiation, his site needed to reflect his straight-forward, no fuss approach to settlement strategies.

Just Made My Day

showcasing Design, Development

Just Made My Day site

Just Made My Day was a concept by Unit Interactive that seeks to bring a bit of positivity in to the oft negative interwebs. I tried to craft a design that would inspire immediate optimism, and developed the site on Wordpress. You can find more info about the process here.


showcasing Identity, Development

Unify app in action

Unify is a simple content editor designed for anyone to use. At Unit Interactive, I concepted, fully developed, and even designed some bits of the application, while Mr. Andy Rutledge took over the entirety of the UX and design. Since its launch, I have also been in charge of customer relations and marketing of our product.