Design Professionalism

a post on Process

I just finished completing a survey on professionalism on Andy Rutledge’s Design View. I am keeping my response here for future reference. If you get a chance, please contribute to the survey. Andy’s pursuit is definitely worthwhile.

16/10/2008 · Plano, TX · Personally, I treat design professionalism as no different from any other form of professionalism. A designer’s work should not be favored or subjugated to any other work. Work is my best efforts, which I hope to trade for the fruit of other people’s best efforts.

Though I am creative, I believe in behaving in a manner that promotes the well being of my employer, not on any personal levels, but my employer as an entity as a whole. This means that I never put myself, or my preferences, above the work, the needs of the client, or the work of my peers.

I give no special purpose to the creative process (in general): it is a professional process as any other. It serves to bring about success from my work.

I define the success of the work by the goals established and agreed upon with those that pay for my agency’s or my services. I do not evaluate success by how I feel, but ultimately, if I achieve my goals, I wind up feeling excited about the project. Therefore, my processes are in no way devoid of enthusiasm, so long as that energy is focused on what is relevant.

In all of this, I do keep that creative processes have special needs, just as any other profession, but these special needs should not conflict with the responsibilities of my services. Being a creative person is no excuse for being unprofessional.

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